Chicken Soup

1Liter $149  

Boost your immune system to protect your body from colds and other viral threats. Contains powerful vitamins to ward off unwanted sickness. Also great for jet lag!

Fluids received intravenously bypass the gastrointestinal systems and increase your body's fluid volume immediately to make you feel better, faster.

Don't miss another day of work, travel, or fun!


Vitamin C  can prevent a cold or shorten the duration of it.  It also assists in the growth and repair of tissues, the absorption of iron, and in the formation of collagen (strength and elasticity in skin). It is a powerful antioxidant which helps block damage caused by free radicals.  

B complex lifts mood, boosts energy, and assists in protecting against free radicals

Electrolytes & Trace Minerals

*Anti-inflammatory (add-on)

*Anti-nausea (add-on)